stoppigPolice Town, USA
Yes  America, we have a problem.

Going back a bit further, as a young stud in the mind blowing sixties and seventies, I was influenced, and influenced deeply by the mantra that cops were pigs. I believed that  based on my experience growing up in Brainerd. Some of the officers back in the day  hated us, and by us, I mean anyone that was 18 or younger


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Geez, it’s time for some flash fiction

I am a horrible man. A terrible man beneath the calm waves of human demeanor. A violent son of a bitch, an ax carrying card member of your worst fucking nightmare. Yes, your nightmare because I’m looking at you and there's no place to run, no escape till death freezes the blood in your veins, quiets your heart and turns your thoughts to mine.

worfRoddenberry’s  Mirror
The looking glass no one wants.

 Aggression, Ego, Pursuit of power and dominion, Duty, Loyalty, Religion, Family. All our dark ills and the good things we often make dark seem to be prevalent in our lives at the moment and it’s hard to comprehend the validity of the human species as having a right to even exist. I’m struck by an odd Star Trek analogy,

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The Good Life

Uh, I’m not so sure...

So if a kid breaks your window, do you kick the shit out of him? If someone calls your wife a bitch, do you whip out handgun and splatter his brains against the wall. No, a sensible persons reaction is proportional to the offense and proportional is often defined as what your neighbors believe to be acceptable judgment.

Did Ya Know?

Whales ejaculate up to 10 gallons of sperm per mating session and only 1/3 makes into the mate, that's why sea water is so salty From the say it aint so department, it ain’t so!

It is against the law to burp, or sneeze inside a church in Nebraska. The fine is eternal damnation to allergies.

A colony of 500 bats can eat approximately 250,000 insects in an hour. I have to decide whats worse when I go camping, 500 bats, a quarter million mousquitos or a bottle of tequilla to wash the agony away

Once, I met an old, wise man sodden with a foolish soul. I asked, how could this be? He answered, “We often are, what we are not” and I then understood the weird and foolish duality of existence.

Re: News!

Just not getting any better is it? Now we can throw Ebola into the mix. Maybe there’s is something to wondering about the end of the world. That said, I have nothing but respect for those working to fight against this terrible disease, and my heart goes out to all.

World on fire? Is it the day of the Apocaplyse? Who the hell know but it sure wouldn’t surprise me with all the crap that’s going on. We not only have the middle east and downed passanger jets to worry about, but big, really big holes in the earth are opening up in Florida and Siberia.

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jm1Thoughts and Observations
The master of irrelevant satire, John Moss

1. Being Vladimir Putin means never having to say you’re sorry….

2. A watchdog press that only barks at GOP is no better than a quiet mouse….

3. The word, “Hamas” translated to Hebrew means “violence”. Imagine our collective outrage if some anti-immigration group calling themselves “Violento” were to gather at the southern border….

4. Are animals intelligent? Sure! I let my monkey type my fb posts and he does a great (PLEASE HELP ME ESCAPE) job!!!

5. What if the illuminati was just a secret group of dudes who meet up once a month and do Zumba….

6. Hey George, tell me again what you saw when you looked into Putin’s soul?

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Cry 121
or ‘I f*cking told you So’.

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