Finished ‘To the Rivers Edge’.

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beautiful-spring-day-wallpapers-1024x768Death on a Spring Morning

The sun is shining bright, the snow is gone and it's looking to be a beautiful spring day this mid April day. Here I set, my fingers tapping out words and I'm wondering, do I really want to write about death today. Of all days, today? Well, it is on my mind, mostly due to the bothersome death of a young, vibrant facebook friend who died suddenly, without explanation. While I know there are people that think 55 is old, most of us over 55 think it's rather young. Like data, it is and it isn't, with everything depending on your view of where you .

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isayI’m a fan of OITNB, are you?... Anomaly Hunters were claiming water flowed on Mars 20 years ago... Here's an old, but still excellent read about your Health, Money and Politics... Check out these most undeserving lottery winners. God, I would be deserving, I promise!... 19 Reasons why you should NEVER take your beautiful eyes off your child... I want to Believe... A Virgin cult, here in Minnesota? Really?... Yep, hard to get a impartial jury in small town, USA...  Well, no one is going to want to hear this... What is up with the water out east? I thought this was over weeks ago... Mars, Earth and our Sun all come into alignment tonight. You can watch it as it happens right here...

cheFor the Love of a Turtle

Truth really is in the eye of the beholder. The problem is, all too few care what's in their neighbors eye, don’t care what they might have to say. Funny thing is, truth is thrown around like it’s some sort of mystical savior, like ‘this is the truth’ so I’m right and you are damned to walking the misty, smelly world of purgatory for all of existence. Yea! Everyone has their personal truths and most of the time, it’s bullshit. Bullshit because it’s not based on a semblance of truth, of evidence or even fact. More so, personal truth is based...

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There was a time when all things were equal, a time long ago, a time before man appeared and made everything his.

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downloadWaste not, want not, but gimmee my money

Would your School refuse to feed your kid simply because they can’t make a buck?

I remember being scolded by my mother when I wouldn't finish my supper. That harsh scolding was always something akin to reminding me that all over the world, children were dying because they didn't have enough food to fill their little bellies, that I could at least show a little respect by finishing whatever I was refusing to eat. This picture of extended bellies and soulful, bland...

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Appeaser? Me? Uh huh!
Aug. 06

Gas prices: After the BP pipeline incident the price rose and has dropped since. Why? My thoughts... Simply because the major oil corporations and the Bush administration don't want gas prices to be an issue in the November elections. Bet they spike the day after. Stop and think about the relationship between the White House and the oil cartel. Now that gas is around $2.85 a gallon, we think it's cheap.

New World: I have the luxury of living in a middle class neighborhood. My house sets high in the hills overlooking a medium sized city. From my patio doors I can see a vibrant, growing city and for all the world, on any quiet and peaceful night,

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or ‘I  told you so!’

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or ‘I Told you So’.

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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signs guns everywhere into law, including bars and schools. In my book, he’s a stupid fuc*king politician because he’ll do more harm than good.