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HypocrisyHypocrisy ‘R’ Us

The last week has seen the height of political hypocrisy with Chris Christie and Hobby Lobby, and with the sentencing, or rather non sentencing of Richie Rich, we can throw in another instance of judicial hypocrisy as well.

Is Christie such an narcissistic egomaniac that he believes he can handpick a lawyer, pay him a reported million dollars, issue a report clearing is....

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isayMars, Earth and our Sun all come into alignment tonight. You can watch it as it happens right here... Not to be outdone, there’s a total lunar eclipse On Tuesday... File this under ‘things that are cute that will eat you’... This is just weird!... OK, this is just super cool. Can you imagine being on that board?...  I have my superpowers...  Sorry, U just will not, can not improve on the SciFy series... Choose your pill, open your eyes... Here’s another politician whose fallen just a bit short, and he ran on family values, of course... There are so many cool things under water, and I’m not talking about Flight 370... Three words, Mr. Grothman, I dare you!... I’d tend to agree that things are going to end badly...

Image1There but for the Grace of God.

Mental Illness walks with humanity hand in hand and to no small degree, each of us is far too familiar with ‘measures and disorders of the mind’. By all accounts, our society has not treated our brothers, our sisters, fathers and mothers, friend and foe alike, with as much compassion and kindness as we would the neighborhood dog. We have committed them to hellish and degrading prisons, drilled out portions of their brains...

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There was a time when all things were equal, a time long ago, a time before man appeared and made everything his.

easter egg

4 march 14 243

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beautiful-spring-day-wallpapers-1024x768Death on a Spring Morning

The sun is shining bright, the snow is gone and it's looking to be a beautiful spring day this mid April day. Here I set, my fingers tapping out words and I'm wondering, do I really want to write about death today. Of all days, today? Well, it is on my mind, mostly due to the bothersome death of a young, vibrant facebook friend who died suddenly, without explanation. While I know there are people that think 55 is old, most of us over 55 think it's rather young. Like data, it is and it isn't, with everything depending on your view of where you .

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Appeaser? Me? Uh huh!
Aug. 06

Gas prices: After the BP pipeline incident the price rose and has dropped since. Why? My thoughts... Simply because the major oil corporations and the Bush administration don't want gas prices to be an issue in the November elections. Bet they spike the day after. Stop and think about the relationship between the White House and the oil cartel. Now that gas is around $2.85 a gallon, we think it's cheap.

New World: I have the luxury of living in a middle class neighborhood. My house sets high in the hills overlooking a medium sized city. From my patio doors I can see a vibrant, growing city and for all the world, on any quiet and peaceful night,

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