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You breathe on average about 5 million times a year. 10 million if you’re being abducted by aliens.

During the 17th Century, the Sultan of Turkey ordered his hole harem of women to be drowned and replaced with a new one. Oh, for the longing of the good old days.

It is against the law to burp, or sneeze inside a church in Nebraska. But you can dance now, thanks Kevin.

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jm1Thoughts and Observations
The master of irrelevant satire, John Moss

1. Burger King announced they've bought Tim Hortons and are moving to Canada, if this is America's retaliation for Justin Bieber, then well done……..
2. Advice to my son…Before you marry a girl, you should first make her use a computer with really slow internet to see who they really are…..
3. More advice to my sons… Its all fun and games til someone calls the cops. Then it’s a new game. Hide and Seek !!!
4. Advice to guys… If you like to make love while listening to music, always choose a live album. You will get applause every 3-4 minutes. It’s great for your ego…
5. When a girl says she will be ready in five minutes, she is using the same time scale that a guy uses when he says there’s five minutes left in the game…
6. Microwave minutes are longer than regular minutes…
7. Politics: From “Poli” – meaning many, and “tics” – meaning blood-sucking insects….
8. Aren’t we all striving to be overpaid for what we do?
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My right testicle ballooned up to the size of a golf ball and hurt like hell. I heard you had the same problem and figured out what to do... Mark, DC area

and my answer

The startling true story of abduction under a pregnant moon on a hot desert night

Rob’s Blog
Okay, this is the serious stuff. LIke it or don’t

I just wanted to yell, to scream from the rooftops to all the people in Ferguson. The police, the protesters, the politicians, the activists, the agitators, the media.

finger I’ve Been a Bad Boy
God knows I have tried to do the right thing more than once in my misbegotten life. I’ve worked hard, been responsible, raised my boys, never hit my wife, much less raised my voice in her direction.


The old wise one looked to the heavens and asked if I knew why Heaven would allow its light to shine through the vast darkness.

‘To give us comfort in knowledge’, he answered.


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or ‘I  told you so!’

Cry 121
or ‘I f*cking told you So’.

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