A Simple Thing, Equality!
March 9th, 2014

All things being equal, there's nothing to lose in claiming that equality, across the board equality, doesn't exist. Equality of gender, of race, of pay, of sexual orientation, of class, of culture, of age, , of nationality, of locality, and of religion. Equality is a human misconception. A dream we desire to achieve, a path we all travel along thats different for each and every individual. The concept of equality is such a worthwhile cause that we have it it embedded in our national heritage that claims ‘...all men are created equal’.

Nothing is further form the truth. We are not born equal nor do we grow, live our lives and even die as equals. For equality to be given its due, one must first be capable of respect toward those less fortunate, followed by an inherit understanding and compassion of another life, without judgment and I’ve never met a man capable of one, much less all three, attributes.

I think we humans, as a species, are a bewildering and fearsome species. In that as much as we try to do the right, the moral thing, we fall short and we do so because we fail to admit our desire and claim them as Gods. That is to say, we claim ‘God’ judges and the truth is, God does not judge, humans judge, we judge, you judge. Fearsome, because we are capable of such great things, including great things that are bound to certain destruction and evil, as well as bound to that which is well and good.

To say that another religion is less than your beliefs, that another lifestyle is less than your lifestyle, to say another race is less than your race, is this not a greater sin in the eyes of any true God than the beliefs held, the lifestyles lived or the race of a given man? Is not a lie, a greater sin, for that lie causes undue harm and suffering, and is inflicted intentionally?

Indeed, the only true and serious sense of equality that I see, is that we all will someday take our last breath, and our bodies will rot and make their way home, someday to live among the stars. Indeed, it is a sad thing, a man cannot look him self in the mirror, and ask, “Why do I think such?, why do I feel such? with out the answer being, ‘Because it is god's will’.

No, it is your's and to say otherwise is a far greater sin in the eyes of God.



Survivor, the Ravages of Time.
March 6th 2014

I have been a tried and true Survivor fan since I was a kid of 42 or 43. I distinctly remember the morning at work after the first episode of the first season aired. At first break, several of us were setting outside around an old green picnic table that had seen it’s day, wondering what we had watched the night before. Say what you will, but the show was groundbreaking. Groundbreaking in the way that Roots  heralded the arrival of the mini series, Survivor birthed the concept of Reality TV and the world hasn't looked back. From a personal perspective, no other show has existed that I can remember where my family gathered around our Television. And I mean my entire family. My oldest three sons grew up watching with Theresa and I on a weekly basis, and it simply was a way of life. Thing is, we still watch together, somewhat, to a degree with what little family we have left.

Theresa still yells and screams, whoops at the blindsides, and still cusses like an old street walker when her favorites get booted. My son Chris will call and make comments about someones intelligence or ask where they find these people. Me, I’m usually couched next to my wife, smart phone in hand, following my whispers group. Yep, after all these years not much has changed with how my family has watched the show.

Survivor has changed though. Jeffy has gotten noticeably older, so has his cargo shirt. I wonder if he still has the original. I would, framed and mounted, never washed but with a lot of scented candles burning. The show itself has become so much more scripted, so much more polished compared to the first couple of seasons, where I just relished in the idea that someone might actually die of starvation or perhaps get ate by a big ass alligator. Those days are gone. Doesn't make it a worse show, just a different show. So are the days of real, everyday people, people like, hmmm, me, having a shot at outwitting, outplaying and outlasting. Just as the show has become polished, so has the casting. What we get now are young bodies in their prime, many who were sucking their mommies tit when the show aired and don’t have a clue as to the history much less how to play the game. Of course, every once in a while, we get lucky, and there's someone who knows how to play. Unfortunately, playing a game with people who don’t know how to play a game isn't compelling television, but it is still fun. The arrival of HDTV also has played a part, not that I need to see the dimples on everyones butt, but the natural beauty is awe inspiring as is  the footage of the wild life, the snakes, the iguanas, lizards, boars, mantis, etc.. I’ve always believed Survivor is beautifully edited, and that there's a meaning to every shot.

What matters most, is that after all these years, after all the years I spent fishing for spoilers in the off season, after all the crazy insane video applications to the show, I still enjoy Probst and the show. Hey, who remembers the jet ski ride across the ocean? The only thing that bothers me, is that I’ve grown old watching the show. So much so, it needs to be said that one of the reasons I quit smoking was so I’d be able to compete, not if, but when I got on the show. Nowadays, I’d be too ornery to have a social game with a 20 something in a thong and when it comes to the challenges, I’d be embarrassment to my wife and kids competing against Super six pack ab man. Yea Burnett, you screwed up, coulda, shoulda had me in my prime. Okay,I get it, women like to watch studs like Hatch prance aroun, err, wait, I meant Rudy. Sorry.

That said, Mark, if you call this old mutha fugger, my passport hasn't expired and I promise, I’ll leave that single 40 women something alone. Maybe not the twenty somethings though. Oh, and I’ll need an extra bowl of rice just to keep my stamina up. You could have a camera man sneak it in. Okay, I get it, I’m not only tried and true, I’m tired and blue, blue due to lack of oxygen, but I can share Probst’s tank, can't I?

 Oh, btw I have this concept, “Survivor, Old style” and like I said, I’m an old dog that still needs to be fed.

Until I get that phone call, you can find me checking in at Whispers (Shutout to Jim Early and all the mods) and on Wednesday nights, next to Theresa on our love seat, smart-phone in hand,   awkwardly trying to pretend I belong in this century as I try to post something with my two big thumbs on something smaller than my... well, we won’t go there, it is HDTV after all..



On a cold dreary morning
March 6th, 2014

OK, first thing you need to know, is that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this dreary March morning. Yep, this morning with the dull, overcast sky and a temp of 15 above. The lack of sun makes it feel like 15 below. I didn't sleep well last night, last thing I remember was the clock showing 1.55 am. So when Theresa woke me up, and I got pissy and yelled, stomped my feet, threw my jacket on on and started the car, it truly might have been better if I would have had a massive heart attack right there and then, to end my misery, end my wife's misery. Really, no one needs to start a day like that. There's not enough coffee and donuts in the world to soothe a troubled soul who is old and tired. The good thing is, I settle down pretty quick, realize and apologize before it gets out of hand, meaning before any real damage is done. I learned years ago, I have a horrible, terrible temper, so much so that I could possible hurt someone and when I was younger, I did do some damage.

As one grows older, as I grew older, I learned the value of taking a frigging deep breath and asking myself, what am I ticked off at or about. The answer always, and I mean always, comes back to me. To my mood, to my actions, to my emotions and or thoughts.

Years ago, a very dear friend said to me, ‘Why do you let other people control you?’

My answer, ‘Fuck you Ron, no one controls what I say or do!’

His reply, ‘I just did.’

Now, chances are most people will get what that conversation means but a lot won’t. And they need too. Here’s a hint to understanding, start by asking yourself why you're feeling stupid and don’t have a clue about what I’m talking about. Do me a favor, do yourself a favor, Think about it!

Truth is, there's too many who relish in their pissiness all day long, who can't figure out the damage they do. Worse, they don’t care what the tone in their voice belies, what their words mean, their actions dictate. Usually, they come up with shit like, ‘Talk to my hand’. What they are really saying is they prefer you talk to their hand because they don't have the intelligence or emotional growth to talk to you and they live in a state of constant pissiness. If you're one of these people, Please spend some time thinking about that conversation above, it might help you see thru the doldrums of a dreary, grey day.



Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward
A quick history of the Crimea
March 4th 2014

For a historical perspective, the region is where the famous “Charge of the Light Brigade” occurred during the Battle of Balaclava. The 1936 movie of the same name, staring Errol Flynn was inspired by the event, as was the famous poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson. The Battle of Balaclava was part and parcel of the Crimean war, and like far too many wars, started due to religious desire and land opportunist during the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

It is also where General Wrangel’s white army made their last stand against the Red army, becoming a part of the USSR in 1921. The Crimea figured in several bloody World War 2 battles as well. In 1944, the whole population of Crimean Tatars were forcibly deported by Stalin. With the collapse of the USSR, the Crimea became part of the Ukraine. Speaking geographically, the Crimea is a peninsula jutting out into the Black sea.

Most of the people in the Crimea speak Russian where most of Ukraine speak Ukrainian which is different than Russian. The Crimea is part of the Ukraine.

So much for the quick history lesson. The takeaway is this, before you start listening to the neo-cons waving their dicks in the air like overgrown studs looking for a place to plant those dick flags, you might want to learn a bit about what is really going on half a world away. There’s really not much the American Government can do, and will do. In fact, the truth is, there’s not a lot we should do other than what our President is probably doing in the background, asking Putin not to let the situation get out of hand.



Feb 27th, 2013

I’m not gay! I’m not bi, a tranny or into any thing outside what is considered the norm. I’ve been married to the same women, the mother of my four sons, for about thirty years. I don’t understand the lifestyle, but that may be because I’ve never attempted to learn anything about it, much the same way I’ve never learned about being Black or Latino in America. Most of my knowledge comes from what I’ve read and been told. Read in the media, told by my wife, who does have some gay friends.

More importantly, just because I don't understand something doesn't mean I should be afraid of it.

More importantly, just because I don't understand something doesn't mean I don't treat those who do, with disrespect. Doesn’t mean I cover my ears, refuse to listen and spout foul insanities and obscenities. Truly, who you do believe Christ judges the better person? He who lives in the darkness of fear, or he who shines a light on those who live in the darkness?

I find that I cannot judge a person based on his sexual lifestyle no more than I can judge a person of another color or another culture. In fact, what business do I have to judge at all? Why would I ever believe God would give me the power to determine who is fit to live as equals? Man hands that power out!

I, by far am less than perfect. Put me in a room with a bunch of people from another race, I’m uncomfortable. With another religion or culture, I’m uncomfortable. If two guys moved in next door living the alternate lifestyle, I’d be uncomfortable. But you see., that’s on me!

Contribute it to race, to environment, to my upbringing, even to genetics, the bottom line is, it’s not someone else's problem that I’m friggin’ uncomfortable. Whatever the reason for that uncomfortable, it’s not from some ‘gay vibes’ radiating from some man making me feel the way I do. It’s who I am.

I choose to use that uncomfortable feeling and use it to my advantage, to make me a better person, to be more understanding, to be more compassionate. I do not always succeed and actually, sometimes I fail just so fucking miserably that I wonder why my God would ever allow me to rest. But I do go on.

Far to many, on the other hand, use their feelings as an excuse to point fingers, to accuse and to condemn without reason or merit. They fear loss of culture, loss of power and even loss of manhood. I don’t know, sex is noting more than a biological act in the long run. It happens to be fun and more than pleasurable. Here in the west, probably due to our puritanical ancestry, we tend to get in a bind over it, even to the point where we fear men and young boys will auto ejaculate if they were to see a beach full of womens breasts.

In the long run, I can feel uncomfortable in a lot of circumstances, but again, that’s my problem. I won’t let that fear cause me to cast doubt and suspicion where it does not belong. Unfortunately, there are many that are more than willing to do so. If they are indeed God fearing people, I suspect, they should be fearing for their judgment. Then again, it’s their God, so who know?



I am Right, There is Nothing Else
Feb 23, 2014

I am tired. From a political viewpoint, I am tired of what we as Americans have become. More than that, I am ashamed that we have become an uneducated mass of Jello that holds no honor, gives no compassion nor cares what those on the opposite side of the aisle have to believe. The mantra everywhere is, ‘I am right, there is nothing else’. There is no honor, no fairness and not a smidgen of intelligent conversation about the problems we face here in this great Nation. Our politicians are setting an example that many are already following, and we all are the worse for it. The only truth there is, is the need, the ability to win, to gain power, to gain wealth, and those that do, don't have the wit to use it to benefit the Nation. Themselves, yes, the rest of us, not so much.

This reality really has gone on long enough, don’t you think? It seems, every time I turn around, the level of stupidity expands exponentially, to the point where if a visiting species happened across us, they'd place a great big yellow band of caution tape around the earth, warning others that there exists beyond the tape, a mental ward.

We should be ashamed that we allow this!

Yes, we have our differences. Yes, we can argue, we can disagree, and even, once in a while, engage in a knock down, drag out fight. But to stoop to the level that makes the notorious village idiot look like a genius? Really? WTF?

No matter what side of the political aisle you live and breath in, there are times when you need to speak out. To not do so, is disgusting and belittles you, especially if there's a voice crying out somewhere in your heart, demanding you to say something. Honor starts in the heart.

I do not believe this is who we are as a people, but I do have to wonder if this is who we are becoming, illiterates feeding at the troth of the insane.

The question I ask is simple, ‘Does human decency amount to less than political bullshit?” It appears so, that civil discourse no longer exists. The way to move the masses, you included, is to be outrageous, to get your attention with lies, slander, deceit and hurtful, malicious words. That says as much about you as the person slinging the mud.

But you don’t care do you? You enjoy it don’t you? Even at the expense of this great nation.

Sad state of affairs indeed. Thanks for helping to destroy  the greatest Nation ever seen in the history of all humanity. I’m sure your children have a lot to be proud of of.



The Commodity of our Lives

Truth is a commodity in that everyone has a vested interest in having their wants, their desires, their needs not only filled, but exceedingly so. Not our wants, not our desires and not our needs. Truth after all, is a personal thing, relegated to align its very existence with no less than God. God and truth are twined and bound, inseparable in their existence. For many, they are the one and the same thing. One can defend any argument, any belief system simply by stating their position is God given or based in truth. Once that statement is made, there is no argument left, there is no room left for compromise.

Of course, we all know most truth is a lie. And excuse me, the sun doesn't really rise in the morning sky, it just appears to, but I know what your thinking, and I’ll give you that. There are indeed some ‘God given’ truths that endure. We live, we die is one. There is a moon in our sky and we understand the physics which keep it there. These truths are remarkable because we live them, we experience them every single day of our lives and most don't question their existence. The larger truth is that scientific fact and God given truths exist together. The fact that we understand Gods math in keeping our moon its distance from our planet is a beautiful thing. The fact that we are beginning to understand the dynamics of the Universe isn't a contradiction to God, it's a contribution to our love for God, no matter how you define God.

That beauty and that contribution diverge at the human level of individual perception where truth and god become non capitalized words to be used in personal agendas. Personal agendas to divide and conquer, to gain false esteem, and we all are guilty. Every religion, every individual is guilty of using their belief in god to further their belief system.

God did not make the world in seven days. God made the world in billions of years because God has given us evidence of his handiwork in ice cores, in tree rings and rock strata.

Now, you know I’m not even close to being a thumper and spouter of the good word. I do, however, have a great respect, not only for Christianity, but for all Religion. What does bother me is the fact  that there are people who twist, bend and crank out whatever truth they deem necessary to get their point across, and sometimes, it’s people of a religious nature. I mean, they lie to people to get people to believe them and it seems to work. This is where truth has become a commodity, born to serve the interests of specific desires, wants and needs.

Two things before I end this, Politicians are just as guilty of using truth as a commodity as anyone else, perhaps more so. The second thing is, I have read that human footprints dating back to the time of the dinosaurs have been found, and dated, and all I can do is go hmmmm...




Rand, Snow and Iran, ran, ran.
February 8th, 2014

With the mid term elections a bit more then nine months down the well traveled path and the National elections two years beyond, you’d wonder at some of the comments being made. Wonder if we're going to bypass the mid terms and just go for the gold in the Olympic spirit. Good Lord, there's more attention being paid to Rand Paul and Joe Biden about their Presidential aspirations than whoever is running this fall. Of course, our media is pretty savvy, what they are really talking about is Hillary. Than again, so is Biden and Paul. Actually, Rand is so afraid of HRC he's attacking her husband, trying to draw the distinction that Democrats shouldn't be talking about the Republicans war on women, because Bill isn't exactly a choir boy.

No Rand, Billys not a choir boy, no one has every accused Bill C. of that. You do know though, Rand, there is a world of difference between one guy being a horn dog and an entire plank in your Republican Party. Duh! Your strategy is dumb.

Bottom line, we're back in election season, and it's going to get worse with each passing day, cumulating in the Nation jumping off, into the abyss of insanity. There is a bright side to this, Ms Bachmann is not running so this time next year, I'll have a new Rep whose middle name won't be batshit.

Speaking of Michelle, I wonder how long it'll be before she turns up on Fox.

OK, time to turn a corner to the Olympics. I freely have to admit I'm not and never have been a big fan of the Olympics. Yea, I watch them, just like you do, because it's the only show in town. But I have to wonder, for a place that has an annual average temp in February, of 50 degrees, where did they get all that snow.. With a little research, I found out they trucked it all in from the mountains. Now keeping it from melting is another issue. From where I set here in the frozen wastelands of central Minnesota, I’m not watching the ‘Winter’ Olympics, just the illusion of people playing in the snow. Now, Here in MN, we've had like 20 straight days of below zero temps Not to mention, we have a shitload of snow as well. Wanna see some real winter athletes, try the fishing tourney out on Gull a few days back. Ten thousand souls braving below zero weather to drop a line in a hole on the ice. And think about this, the ice didn't give! Now, of course, I won't mention the worlds record for alcohol consumption was met and broke that day, but we break that record on a regular basis here in the great north, so it really doesn't count

Only other thing I have left is a bit about Iran sending warships to our territorial waters. First, 2 ships don’t constitute a threat unless it’s a Carrier, and second, they wont actually breach the border becuse 30 seconds after they do, they’ll be new maritime coral reefs. So please, don't make a deal out of this like drudge has with bold headlines making it seem like we’re under a massive threat.

and so it goes...




What The Fu*K
January 31st, 2014

Sometimes, that’s all you can say about life. Sometimes, there's just no other explanation other than an exclamation. Consider, Gary Hegna, 45, who forces a little girl of seven to wear costumes and perform sex acts for five years and walks away without a prison sentence. Remember that affluent defense a while back. Let’s not forget, Ricky Vitte, Jr, an esteemed Ohio State Trooper who taught a pre teen how to jerk off to porn. When investigated, his excuse was that he didn't want the teen to feel pressured into having sex before he was ready. Apparently, even with his history, the investigators thought the act, justified and good ol’ boy Ricky Vitte remains an officer in good standing.

I mean, really! What the fuck is wrong with our judicial system?

I’ll tell you a secret, this is nothing new.

Some thirty years back in my wild and woolly days I was waiting for my turn in front of a local judge for a D-dub. Now it was bad enough that this particular judge really had no business setting on the bench because he was popping nitro pills and slobbering all over the bench (true!) and when he spoke, you didn’t have a clue what he was saying. The only saving grace was that the bailiff pretty much repeated everything he said.

Turns out, the guy just before me was Chester the Molester. Judge banged his gavel, mumbled and dribbled spittle and the bailiff decreed 6 months probation. I thought, ‘Hmmm, strange. Easy going judge’.

I meandered respectfully up and stood before the judge and I no sooner said ‘guilty’ than he slammed his hammer down and pronounced a six month sentence. Yep! Go figure? I can't. Chester walks and I set 6 months.

You know as well as I do, our judicial system isn't fair, isn't about what is right. You know as well as I do, it treats those of color differently, it treats people of class differently. Our courts are not about justice! They are about the rule of law, the word of law and how that law has been and is, interpreted.

You will see Mr. Pervert in court again, but it will be too late. Another victim will have suffered, and I ask you, who is the guilty party?

Like I said, some days, all you can say is , what the fuuuck! 



Reflections in a Decision
January 24th, 2014

If I’m asked to define my character, who I am in one word, I’d use the word reflective. I like to think, I like to ponder. Now, before you assign a cool thought to that, being reflective has it’s drawbacks. Sometimes, I find it hard to let things go. Some things harder than others. The things that are hard, are those that I am passionate about, those things that I care deeply about. It also has been my experience that these are things I have little or no control over. The solution is, I write. That's how I exert control or at least, I’m able to say, I’ve done what I can. Often, it's not enough.

The thing is, thats life. You don't have a say in everything but every once in a while you have a responsibility to say something,  about something and when that time comes, you need to do so or flounder in your nights sleep wishing you had. Before doing so can create many a sleepless night, should I say something or remain silent? as your wife stares at you between pillows and tells you to let it go.

I’ve been down that road, and it kills you. I learned to solve it by making a quick decision, accepting the decision, admitting it if it was the wrong decision, and moving on. Not complicated.

The single reason you lose sleep over a decision is simple this. Fear! You worry how that decision will be perceived? Fear based in lack of self confidence.

Before you formulate any understanding of what I just said, think about that self confidence thing for a bit? What do you think I mean by that? Being self confidant isn't about being in’ your face Bitch, I ain't never wrong’. It's about being confident to being wrong and correcting your mistakes.

If you can't understand that your decisions have implications beyond your life, and that if your decisions impact others in a negative fashion, it’s probably the wrong decision. Not always, but usually. The question you should always ask, ‘Does my decision benefit a thing or a person?

If you find yourself defending a lot of your decisions, you might want to start thinking about how you make decisions. I get it, in the corporate world, your decisions have to benefit the corporation, but benefiting the corporation should be benefiting  those who work for the corporation. Unfortunately, that's a by gone thought.

Truth is, most decisions you make are based on how you will be viewed. Please, don't argue! It’s simply true of 99.9 percent of you. Make the safe choice, the easy road out. You make the choices your boss and your friends expect you to make and you are, for the most part, fine with that.

The problem is, it's usually the wrong choice. Some of you who lose sleep over the problem, well, there's still hope for you. Most of you just make the decision and nod off to sleep, thinking you've done a good and honorable thing, pleasing your friends and your boss. What you've really done is maintain the status quo, and failed to grow as a human being.

There are a lot of routine, day to day, minute to minute decisions we all make. In our professional lives as well in our personal spheres. Most of them require little thought, many are redundant. But there are many that create heartache for yourself and others, and those require reflection. More so, they require the ability to be able to think them through. Doing so without prejudice requires a bit more than just thinking about them. They require reflection.



The Evermore, Anit-Perv Pill
Jan 19 2014

Theresa and I are laying in bed Friday night, late, cuddly shit. She turns to me and says, Why is it a group of men engaged in an orgy is gross to me and you, but an orgy of women sends you off to orgasmic apocalypseland. To which I reply, it's a mans world. ‘No’ she says ,’Ya’ll just bonifide  horn dog perverts and me and the girls at work have decided to invent an Anti-Perv Pill.

 How does a husband of thirty years respond to that? ‘Hey Hon, in the mood for a little fun?’

I’d never tell Theresa the truth, that we're all perverts. In fact, that's why I thought she married me, because she likes that wild ride.  The conversation got me thinking, though. Is such a thing possible, I mean, is there a real Anti-Perv Pill. When you have a society that comes up with several flavors of medication for erectile dysfunction, Pills that target certain portions of the brain to help you quite smoking and even pills that can change the way you think, feel and act, why would I not Google anti-perv pills.

Okay, I shouldn't have Googled  that. Among several pages for pharmaceuticals, mostly aimed toward men, I did happen to find two links for anti-perv protection. While not pills, they serve to illustrate some problem. I’m just not sure what problem they illustrate. The first is for Hairy legs Stockings, the other is for anti-pervert panties. Now, the only thing I took away from the latter, was the fact that I can equip my phone with an X-ray device app that will see through womens clothing. Not mens clothing, only womens. I wonder what the bigger seller is, the stockings, the panties or the see-thru app?

While I have to be honest, I like looking at a picture of a naked women in a thong just as much as your husband or wife, I’m also a realist. That at my age, I just don't look that much any more. Thats exactly what I told my wife. I’m too old for that shit. She's still rolling around on the floor laughing.

And she thinks I’m the strange one.

Kind of stimulating, having your wife roll around on the floor, but not so much the laughing...



The Way Ahead
Jan 12 2014

Well, last weeks post dropped of the deep end of the ocean, can't find it anywhere. Hope that's not a foreshadowing of things to come this year.

Since this is a mid term election year, I guess it’s fair to point at that by the time summer swings into gear, there will be a lot of political posts, but since the ‘woman who shall not be named’ isn't running, I probably won't be having much fun in writing a single political post. Truth is, I’ve gotten to the point of udder disgust with politics, Dems and Pubs alike.

I have arrived at the point in my life where I’ve concluded, that as much as I enjoy the political realm, those currently occupying that space are not worth the time of day. This Nation is on the verge of total anarchy. We've already passed through the gates of chronic insanity and turned the corner. Those who we have elected through fault of their own, or not, are simply incapable of recognizing what they are doing. Their mindset is rooted in some ego I can not and would never care to understand. Their priorities are those of others, as in other than the American people. In a sense, they have and continue to, betray you and I.

This Nation has reached a critical point and there’s no turning the clock back. In a very real sense, there’s a civil war raging, not of guns but of words, beliefs and ideals. Truly, brother is set against brother, sister against sister and father against mother. Where abortion was nothing but political ideology used as a divisive argument by both sides in an engaging argument that all involved knew could never be fully won, todays ideology is different. Different that morals and ethics are changing, the population is changing. Change is not a bad thing. Without change, everything become stagnate. The ideology today is not the ideology of divisive politics, it is the ideology of change. Of equality, of fairness and that’s what will fuel the road to anarchy.

There are those who who would rather see our Nation destroyed rather than live in a free and equal world. There are those who hold power and would rather see cities burn, lives lost than give up their power. There are those who would corrupt our laws and inflict pain and suffering than lose a penny of their worth.

They do not understand, have never understood, what they have has been given to them. Those in power have been allowed that power by the electorate. Those who have amassed vast fortunes, have done so with the help of those so less fortunate.

The American people have been taken for granted .People are getting tired People are hungering for change. People are getting mad!

It’s not going to be pretty



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