Well Mark, there are several possibilities for an enlarged testicle. First and foremost, I’m not a doctor but I understand you’re asking me based on my past experience.

Well, there’s been a couple of times in my career where I’ve suffered from bigballitis.  The three most common reasons follow.

1st- Stop doing weird sexual things that are not normal. Doing so causes unknown stress not only on your lungs and heart, it’s bad for your balls too. Your significant other will appreciate the normalcy as well. No one likes a sexual acrobat, despite what you’ve heard.

2nd- Have you pissed anyone off lately? Enough so where they kicked you in the balls, missed, but actually only hit one? Did you laugh at their feeble attempt? Well, you shouldn’t have laughed...

3rd- Have you ran into a situation where you were going to man up, stand up and do the right thing. You know, a situation that required balls? But you didn’t, did you? Well, you left your balls confused! Don’t worry, they’ll figure it out eventually, you friggin’  wimp.