oh for the love of Christ, there go I into the abyss of hell

I’m falling innocent into the vipers pit, where flames tickle to turn the soul black

...when a gnarled demon reached up, out of the pit and ripped my heart from my soul.

To eat, and eat well, laughed the old gnarled beast as he consumed my heart

A heart consumed, I replied, of darkness and ash is no meal fit for a beast, more so for a man, a man like me.

For I am a man, unlike any other, a mangled man, that a grotesque beast like you, should both appreciate and fear

Once, I met an old, wise man sodden with a foolish soul. I asked, how could this be? He answered, “We often are, what we are not” and I then understood the weird and foolish duality of existence.


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or ‘I  told you so!’

Cry 121
or ‘I f*cking told you So’.

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