It is our fault!

That is the unvarnished, cold hard slap in your face, truth.

It is your fault?   And you can fix it!

You have a choice.

You can choose to do nothing.

Or you can choose to:

    Attend a school board meeting

    A city council meeting

    Write your Representative/Senator

    Hold politicians accountable, question misstatements with letters to your editor

    Research issues, become informed

    Participate in the electoral process, don’t just vote, go to debates, go to town hall meetings, etc..

    Research other party candidates that might interest you, not just the front runners.

Our politicians have a vested interest in their political careers and those that contribute to those careers. The rich, the powerful.

I also hope you choose to participate in our blog community with insightful comments, articles, research, links.

Thank You, ... RS Paxton





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